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Birds Of A Feather International
The Washington D.C. Nest meets at 8:30 PM each Thursday night.

Contact the following for more information and for directions.
       John P.     703-577-0276

DCA Nest Zoom Meeting
2000  EDT
ID # 634 196 5940
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The Washington D.C. meeting of the Birds Of A Feather (BOAF) of Alcoholics Anonymous has been established to address the special needs of aircrew members who have become addicted to alcohol or suspect that they may have become addicted.
This local meeting of BOAF is a part of the larger group of pilots' meetings which are conducted throughout the country and abroad which together make up Birds Of A Feather International.
We recognize the fear of public exposure and professional censure, the possible loss of a highly valued profession, and the reluctance to seek counsel or treatment because of these fears, by flight crews.

Therefore, the Washington Birds are organized:

- To introduce the aircrew member to a peer group, (in a closed AA meeting) that has a wealth of knowledge concerning alcohol dependence;
- To provide a forum where problems peculiar to air crew members can be discussed with impunity. To insure this impunity, attendance at these meetings will be normally limited to aircrew members both active and inactive, and those few others directly concerned such as medical professionals, governmental aviation regulatory personnel, etc. (who themselves are AA members). Additionally, these closed meetings are not publicized in the local Where and When so as to limit participation to aircrew members; and finally,
- To inform newcomers, as well as more experienced members, of what AA is and how it works so as to encourage us all to participate in the vast scope of AA activities available in the local area.
Copyright © 2014 by "BOAF" All Rights reserved.