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Birds Of A Feather International
To all of my friends, grateful to the entire Phoenix NEST for a really wonderful 2017 Convention. Looks like a small group did a lot of work to make this a good convention. Gratitude to each of you and your efforts. Looking forward to next year. Blessings and blue skies.........
Incurable Phil
Copyright © 2014 by "BOAF" All Rights reserved.
Let me second that!! A fabulous convention. The F-35 was amazing. I loved the meeting on the lake…loved ALL the meetings…I got my spiritual meter recharged and am looking forward to Calgary in June 2018…and possibly Dallas this November. It is always great to see all my BOAF friends.
Blue skies

     People make a convention, and the folks that showed up for PHX 2017 did a great job.  Old friends and new ones make a great mix for me and I always appreciate the enthusiasm for the Birds who come to these events who have never been to one before.  You must make a BOAF Convention a priority on your "bucket list".  Your next opportunity will be in beautiful Calgary, Alberta next year.  My thanks go out to Joe and Archie for stepping up and doing the heavy lifting.  Their hard work allowed us all to enjoy a great weekend.

Scott H.