We are still very active in forming a nest in Dubai.

With the help of the largest airline here we are anticipating a dedicated clubhouse for AA, NA, OA, Al Anon and BOAF in the near future.  The pilot recovery community is growing but we still don't have the number of pilots to fill a scheduled meeting at this time. 

We will be holding meetings once a month initially.  Our nest is small and we are able to pick a day every month that accommodates everyone.

For those who visit Dubai, please contact us for meeting times, directions and to meet pilots in our fellowship for enjoyable hospitality.  We are all very excited about bringing BOAF to the UAE and appreciate your continue support and patience.
The time will be determined by group conscience so please let us know
what is good for you. It will be informal and fun as always...
Richard P.
Nick S.  +971 566140832
Copyright © 2014 by "BOAF" All Rights reserved.

Copyright © 2014 by "BOAF" All Rights reserved.
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