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Birds Of A Feather International
Bottle’(d) Rocket
Part 2

Corey S.

Hello Family,

            Thanks to the miracles of AA, I felt necessary to update my status to share my experience, strength and hope.  To all who are new to recovery do not quit until the miracle happens.  If it can happen to me it can happen for you if you work for it.

            Since my last story my life just keeps getting better due to continued work on my program of recovery.  I have had the privilege of working with several newcomers, help start a meeting in my small hometown, attended some conventions and am currently working through the traditions of AA with my sponsor.  I do all of these things in addition to my daily routine of prayer, meditation, and continued personal inventory to improve my spiritual condition.  I mention all these things because as a result of this work and the grace of my higher power, my airline job was given back to me!!!  This sort of thing didn’t occur previously at my company.  Thanks to AA and BOAF there are now four pilots back to work with a pathway for others to follow.  It was a long and arduous journey but thanks to the help of many and some hard work, it IS possible!

            First and foremost was recovery.  Getting a sponsor, working the 12 steps, going to meetings, praying, reading the Big Book and working with others was and is the foundation upon which my life rests.  Secondly, ALPA Aero medical, BOAF fellowship and several doctors rendered aid in a lot of self-growth areas and a special issuance medical was given back to me.  Next came all of my written tests, flight training and check-rides for the return of my certificates.  Even with this completed there was no guarantee of employment.  I followed my heart and trusted my higher power that things would turn out the way they were supposed to regardless of my expectations.  Within months of my last check ride I was asked to come back to work and given a class date!

            I have been given a new pair of glasses through which to look at the world.  I have a whole new gratitude for my job.  I thank God almost daily when in the cockpit!  All the small stuff I used to sweat about no longer controls and consumes me (Union, company, contract, etc.), all of which were beyond my control.  Thanks serenity prayer!  I have a whole new way to work with others and carry the message of AA.  Another benefit has been attending meetings on the road and meeting extended family members. I must say that just because my job was given back to me doesn’t mean my problems stopped. I still have life on life’s terms.  Today however, I have a spiritual tool kit full of tools to meet life’s challenges as they come.  I have been given all of this and more for following “a few simple rules”.

God Bless,

Corey S.
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