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Birds Of A Feather International
2014 continued the growing tradition of Birds of a Feather. Two new nests were added this year:  Gig Harbor, Washington and Riverside County, California.  Welcome and best of luck spreading our experience, strength and hope.
       This year we celebrated our yearly convention with a visit to San Diego, California, site of many previous Bird's conventions.  Michelle and her crack team gathered us at a beautiful hotel near Downtown and we celebrated with a banquet and speaker, regular AA meetings, Significant Others meetings, a fantastic tour of an Aircraft Carrier in San Diego Harbor plus many other activities. 
        Atlanta will be hosting next years event which will be immediately followed by the 80th International AA Convention at the Georgia Convention Center and Georgia Dome.  So if you wanted to attend a Birds Convention and an AA Anniversary Convention at the same time please make an attempt to come to Atlanta in 2015.

     2015  was a big year for BOAF, as we provided a very large hospitality suite at the 80th AA International Convention in Atlanta, Georgia to spread our experience, strength and hope to aviators worldwide.  Over the time of the convention hundreds of visitors came by to say hello.  There was standing room only during our BOAF seminar on Friday of the Convention.  Three pilots presented their stories to a crowd of upwards of 300 people and many folks were unable to come in the room due to the overflow crowd.  We will definately have to have a larger room at the 2020 International in Detroit. 
       Of a sad note Dr. Garrett O'Conner, a big supporter of BOAF flew West in September.  He will be remembered as one of several individuals that provided the opportunity for dozens of pilots to continue their careers in recovery. 
       We added Palm Beach, Florida as a new nest this year and it looks like Indianapolis may be adding a new nest soon.  Lastly, everyone is looking forward to sunny Florida in May when the Ft. Lauderdale nest will host next year's convention.

  2016 saw Birds of a Feather gathering in Ft. Lauderdale for our annual convention.  Jim and his team welcomed us with open arms and a wonderful time was had by all in sunny Florida. 
     Boston, Reno and Indianapolis are three new cities that have established regular meetings this year.  As always, we encourage everyone to support our new 2016 nests as the months go by if you are in town.  We also added numerous "solo birds" to our NESTS AND CONTACTS page.  Our history shows that many of these solo birds go on to establish regular nests of their own. 
     All eyes are looking towards Phoenix, Arizona next year as they will host at the same resort where they welcomed us in 1997 and 2007.  Jim E. will take over as our Big Bird at that time. 
     We hope to continue to add more nests as we grow our experience, strength and hope to all pilots out there in need.
2017 was another year of expansion for Birds of a Feather.  We welcomed Nashville, Palm Springs, Lake Tahoe, Tampa, Dayton and a resurgent Salt Lake City.  Plus, we were delighted to be joined by New Zealand as we welcomed yet another international nest.
     Phoenix, Arizona hosted our convention again, the third time in 20 years.  They gave us a warm, and we do mean "WARM",  welcome at the same hotel where we celebrated our conventions in 1997 and 2007.  Archie, Joe and their team provided us with tours to include the F-35 fighter jet operation at Luke AFB and we shared other activities such as a meeting on a boat in the middle of Tempe town Lake, a banquet, raffle prizes and most important of all, AA meetings and professional speakers.
     Looking forward to next years convention in Calgary, Alberta, Canada plus adding more cities as we grow into 2018 and beyond.
2018  The nests kept coming in 2018.  Frankly we had never heard of Lake Conroe, Texas but a new nest was formed there nevertheless.  There are pilots in recovery everywhere.  Especially outside of the U.S.  We now have two nests in New Zealand:  Christchurch and Auckland.  There is a new nest in South Puget Sound. 
      Our Canadian friends in Calgary invited all Birds to congregate in their fine city for our annual convention.  Wonderful tours were set up and fabulous meals were the talk of the event.  As usual the professional forums, meetings and banquet were the highlight of the weekend.  Looks like Dallas in 2019 is already gearing up for their event next year.  They have had several over the last years and have always put together a great show for us.
      Let's see what 2019 holds for our organization.
2019    This was the year that the DFW East and West nests got together to put on a well attended annual convention that brought Birds from all over the U.S., Canada and Europe.  Very nice tours, events, meals and speakers. 
     Next year we plan on putting on the BOAF convention in Toledo, in conjunction with the 85th International AA Convention in Detroit so that those who want to attend Detroit can do so right after our local Toledo event.  We continued to add nests and solo birds throughout the year.  We continue to grow!